Sing for the Morning's Joy

Our second CD traces the Church's liturgical year from Advent to All Saints, topped and tailed by hymns in honour of St Cecilia. This CD was recorded in St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.

This is the second recording by Cappella Caeciliana.

The choir is conducted by Donal McCrisken, its musical director since 1999. The organist is Philip Stopford, musical director at St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast where the recording was made.

Sing for the Morning's Joy is a wide-ranging collection of pieces framed by two very special tributes to St Cecilia, the patron saint of music whose name Cappella Caeciliana is proud to bear and whose feast falls on November 22nd. Next comes Advent repertoire (tracks 2 & 3), moving through Christmas (tracks 4 & 5) to the beautiful Goodall setting of Love Divine written for the Millennium in 2000. There follow three pieces associated with either St Patrick or the broader Irish theme (tracks 7 - 9) and three Lenten motets (tracks 10 - 12). Track 13 was composed for the Feast of the Ascension while tracks 14 - 17 are all associated with the celebration of Vespers. Track 18 is for the Feast of All Saints and we come full circle in the final track to St Cecilia.

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